Проблемы литератур Дальнего Востока. 27 июня — 1 июля 2012 г. Том I. - page 83

Проблемы литератур Дальнего Востока
reflects his preoccupation with problems such as superstition, education,
social equality and power structures in society. Third, criticisms
formulated by other scholars constitute another major influence. These
influences constitute important background information for understanding
the arguments and the discussion of the Percipient Ghosts chapter, and it
would seem this chapter lies at the heart of a fiery polemic of interpreting
Mohism through the Marxist lexicon.
Golovacheva Lidia
(Academy of Sciences, Ukraine)
«The Night before Yesterday I Dreamed
I Talk with Guo Mo-Ruo»
Reflections on the Translations and Studies the «Dao De Jing»
This publication is based on materials of the professional interview
with the late Russian sinologist, Dr. Lidia I. Golovacheva (1937-2011),
recorded in Beijing on October 19, 2009, as a part of the international
research project "Epistemology of China Studies – the Oral History". It
contains the personal reflections on history of the "Dao De Jing" studies,
the contribution of Guo Mo-Ruo, and the new hypothesis of the "Dao De
Jing" authorship, textology and translations, outlined by the prominent
interviewee. The full version of this interview is posted at official sites of
the Institute of Orientology, Russian Academy of Science (IOS RAS)
and the National Taiwan University. The interviewer: Dr. Valentin C.
Golovachev, senior research fellow, IOS RAS.
Головачѐва Л. И.
(НАНУ, Украина)
«Позавчерашней ночью мне снилась беседа с Го Мо-жо …»
Размышления о переводах и изучении «Даодэцзин»
«Позавчерашней ночью мне снилась беседа с Го Мо-жо.
Наверное, он, новатор сам, отнесся бы к моим
изысканиям со вниманием. Впрочем, кто знает?»
Из писем Л. И. Головач
Ниже цитируется отрывок из интервью китаеведа
Головачѐвой Л. И. (далее – ЛГ), ответившей на вопросы
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